Xuzhou First Chemical Co Ltd

We, Babel Mandab export and import and DAWAARE CLEARANCE BERBERA bought Prilled Urea for resell from Xuzhou First Chemical Co.,Ltd. Contract XZ20181210 date :10 December 2018
Quantity: 350 mt
Unit Price: USD380/mt CFR berbera ,Djibouti
Total amount: USD 133000
Nitrogen: 46.5%
Granulation: 1.4mm 90% passed

First time I contacted them from their number on their website and made-in-China.com, they responded to us and offered us the right sample. While they delivered goods, they offered very bad chemical, which was not Urea, black, yellow, the Nitration content is 9.6%.

We asked them to get all Urea back and return our money, they told me only one bag I showed them videos that all the products the same However they blocked me and refused to respond

Pictures, Contract, etc, all can be offered if possible

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Xuzhou First Chemical Co Ltd
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