New Crazy Colors S.R.L.

New Crazy Colors (Shanghai) Decorative Design Co., Ltd is the China branch of New Crazy Colors S.R.L.. They ordered 155pcs Acrylic Panels with laminatioan and print from EyeCatch Print & Display Ltd up to 321,309 RMB (45,901 US$) for Giorgio Armani boutiques at July 2018. All acrylic panels have been inspected by New Crazy Colors before dispatch, but several panels got damaged during transpotation or installation (transport company and installation company was New Crazy Colors’ supplier). New Crazy Colors keeps threaten EyeCatch Print & Display Ltd to repair acrylic panels or they will not pay us the the balance, we did repaired for them, but finally, New Crazy Colors rufuse to pay us the balance of 207,836.10 RMB (29,691 US$). EyeCatch Print & Display Ltd is suing New Crazy Colors through Shanghai court.

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  1. Hi, Could you please delete the post? New Crazy Colors had lost the lawsuit and already paid us the balance when they got the written judgment.

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