Importing from China

By looking thousands of Scam and fraud Cases,we know that most suppliers on Alibaba and Made-in-China are middle men,claiming to be manufacturers.They only want to subcontract your orders to other factories,it causes many problems eg:quality issues,communication issues,delays in lead times,imprecise quotations and compliance fraud.

By working with FBL as your China Sourcing Agent,we’ll ensure you’re working with a qualified manufacturer that’s capable of meeting your quality,price and Fast lead time.

FBL is a “one stop” import service company,Meaning our services cover everything you need to successfully import from China.

We arrange everything from product sourcing,price negotiating,sales contracts,purchasing,quality control,export,import,permits and logistics right to your door.Ensuring you get high quality products,Leaving you time to focus on your business.

One off payment:$499(Gold Packages)

Gold packages include hire source manager,product sourcing,Factory Audit (Supplier Verification),contract formation compliant to Chinese legal standards,price and payment terms negotiation,sample development,shipping and logistics management,and supply chain management to optimize lead times and to lock in supplier pricing.

FBL Sourcing Service
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Gold Packages(Full Sourcing Service) Details

The Commission starts from $100- it is very friendly for small businesses.

Total Payment=Product Amount + Commission + Shipping Fee

The Commission depends on the order amount as below table:

Order Amount


Payment Term

$100- $1,000


100% payment when place order.







50% deposit and balance against before deliver.





$20,001 upwards