I signed a contract with HUNAN THE GREAT STEEL PIPES. CO., LTD
In which we bought a quantity of pipe.
The contract clearly mentions the payment conditions that are in advance and the rest in CIF when the goods arrive at the destination.
I paid an advance of 150,000 USD and I did not receive the goods until 94680 USD,
They still sent a quantity of goods to the port that we want to pay, but we have been blackmailed for more than a month, to pay an advance for a future delivery.
We refused to pay another $ 100,000 in advance, because we do not have something mentioned in the contract.
Their answer is not always official answer someone else, who has no responsibility in this company, we sent a lot of letters and phones trying to clarify these issues, but we did not find agreement.
I asked for the money back which our company pays extra, but they refused, completely saying that this money will be stopped as interest damages.
We are in a position not to terminate the contract with our client because of this company, After we have always explained that we can no longer pay an advance for a future delivery because these funds are correlated with our client and that the payments will be made in this way. as I have agreed in the contract, they always tell me that they are required to pay this advance,
I have worked with companies from the Shinenstar Holding Group and I have never had any problems and I thought that all the companies in this group have the same policy, but it seems that the policy of these companies called Hunan Great Steel Pipes is the clients’ blackmail.
The company dat of this Company is
Industrial Pipeline Division.
Manager : Sophie Hu
Tel: (0086)027-87507801 Mobile: (0086)15527128120
Fax: (0086)731-88678508 Skype: ivyaphro
Email: /
web: www,hnssd,com/

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