Danyang Junlan Textile Trading Co Ltd

Danyang Junlan Textile,I come to report to the General Manager of Danyang Junlan Textile Trading Co., Ltd. named Wade Ji +861825294026 https://www.exporthub.com/eh-danyang-junlan-textile-trading-co-ltd/

To whom on July 15 we placed a purchase order for latex gloves and nitrile gloves. On July 21, he received the bank transfer for the entire purchase order, US 25,000. His commitment was that he would deliver our supplies 7 days after receiving the payment for the products and until September he had not yet delivered all the products to our carrier, he does not give answers or explanations. Nor has he sent the customs declaration documents.

The shipment was postponed several times because the supplier did not arrive with the full load, which seriously hurts us.

From the beginning he has been deceiving us, first, he said that he had sent all the cargo and gave us the name of a forwarder who was not our contact and since then he has had a very irresponsible behavior, he did not answer emails. , did not contact our carrier, did not give explanations of anything.

This delay in loading has hurt us commercially.

Finally, in October we only received 250 cartons of 500. When they arrived in our country all the gloves were contaminated, with blood, used, rusted, sent only garbage to our country, this is a serious crime, send contaminated gloves to our country, this supplier must being imprisoned

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